click and collect and local deliveries

So, we made it through the Summer, now it's time to ensure we make it through to Spring! 

Local deliveries:
Dates are still being finalised, but potentially the following dates will be available for deliveries across Anglesey. Minimum spend for delivery will be £15,

Saturday 14th / Saturday 21st 
Saturday 12th / Saturday 19th / Monday 21st

Click And Collect:
Click and collect will be available at all of our events - just place your order online and drop us a message to let us know when you'd like to pick it up!
Saturday 14th 10.30 - 12.30
Saturday 28th Novemer 10 - 4
Sunday 29th November 10 - 4
Saturday 5th December 10 - 4
Sunday 6th December 10 - 4
Sunday 13th 10 - 4
Thursday 17th 4 - 9
Sunday 20th 10-4

We're also working with a few Anglesey based shops to offer click and collect over the festive period. More information will be provided in due course.

Full 2020 Plant List and Availability

Acis autumnalis - July to September
Acis autumnalis var. oporanthus - July to September 
Acis autumnalis 'September Snow' - July to September 
Basil 'African Blue' - June to September 
Chamomile - May to September 
Chilli 'Jalapeno' - June to July
Chilli 'Firecracker' June to July 
Chives - March to September 
Chives, White Flowered - April to July
Coriander 'Leisure' - May to September 
Cucamelon - June to July 
Garlic Chives - May to September 
Golden Marjoram - May to September 
Lavender 'Rosea' - June to September 
Lemon Balm 'All Gold' - May to September 
Lemon Verbena - March to September 
Lime Balm - June to September 
Mint, Chocolate Peppermint - May to September 
Mint, Ginger - May to September 
Mint, Grapefruit - April to September 
Mint, Moroccan - May to September 
Mint, Strawberry - March to September 
Nasturtium, Climbing - April to September 
Nasturtium 'Empress of India' - May to September 
Oregano - March to September 
Oregano 'Country Cream' - May to September 
Parsley 'Italian Giant' - May to September 
Pot Marigold - April to September 
Rosemary 'Boule' - June to September
Rosemary 'Mrs Jessops Upright' June to September 
Sage, Broad Leaved - March to September 
Sage, Tangerine - March to September
Sorrel 'Red Veined' - April to September 
Thyme, Lemon - June to September
Thyme, Orange - June to September 
Thyme, Broad Leaved - June to September 
Tomato 'Tiny Tim' - May to July
Tropaolum tricolor - February to April 
Vietnamese Coriander - June to September 
Welsh Onion, White - June to September 
Welsh Onion, Red - June to September 
Wild Rocket - May to September